It’s a New Empire

Before I start, credit to the post title goes to Sophia, whose Facebook status I jacked.  If you remember from my earlier blog, we recently had tryouts to add members to the team. Today, we have our first team dinner with the new team. Another chapter in the story of Bhangra Empire begins.

The New Empire

The New Empire

Don’t worry, the picture here is not our new logo. But it is amazing that you can type pretty much anything into Google image search and come up with something. Back to our dinner tonight. So this will be the first time the new people will meet the team officially. These dinners are always fun. First impressions are made (which are usually completely opposite of how the person actually is). I also like them because I can usually get enough ammunition to make fun of a person for the rest of the year (don’t worry, I’m laughing with them, not at them.) Last year we added 8 new people. This year we are adding 7 new people. Returners who played the rookie role last year will have to step up this year and become veterans. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with where we are right now team wise. Yes, we have a lot of people with very little experience but as long as they are dedicated and truly want to improve, we have plenty of time to work with them. Who knows, one of these people might dethrone Tanjeev ‘Tangerine’ Thandi as most improved dancer this year. My goal every year is for an audience member not to notice we have new dancers, or that they might not be as experienced. We want to keep performing at the same level, if not higher, and not miss a beat regardless of how many new/old people we have. The last few years we have been pretty successful in doing that. Hopefully this year works out the same. So be prepared to see some new faces in our next big performance, but also be prepared to see the same standard of dancing you are used to seeing. Want to learn a little bit more about the new members on the team? Be sure to check out our Active Members page which will be updated very soon.

About omer81

By day (and some nights), I am a Network Engineer working for a startup in Redwood City. By night (and some days), I am an MBA student at Santa Clara University. Whatever time is left goes into Bhangra Empire. What is Bhangra Empire? Read my blog and you'll find out.
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