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Bhangra Empire – Bruin Bhangra 2009 – Rehearsal Video

While writing yesterday’s topic on Competition Day Preparation, I checked back in my video archive to see if I could find some old rehearsal videos. I was able to find one from Bruin Bhangra 2009 and decided to upload it … Continue reading

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Preparation – Competition Day

This will be my first reply to a topic request. Thank you to everybody for their requests and hopefully I can get to everybody soon. This one comes from one of our fans in Canada: What type of preparations do … Continue reading

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It’s a New Empire

Before I start, credit to the post title goes to Sophia, whose Facebook status I jacked.  If you remember from my earlier blog, we recently had tryouts to add members to the team. Today, we have our first team dinner … Continue reading

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Where Do You Choreograph?

This one is for all the choreographers out there. No matter what style of dance you may do, at the end of the day, somebody has to come up with the routine, think of ideas, and make them work. Before … Continue reading

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Empire Practices – Where 12 Dancers Become 1 Team

So in an earlier post, “What makes a good team?” I referred to how important I think practices are. I also got some questions about my AI comment and what it meant. Poonam, with her engineer mind, thought I was referring … Continue reading

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Harleen and Jasbir – Singers on the Rise

Earlier today, I saw Jasbir had released another song called Akhiyaan. You can have a listen to it on youtube. Its a slower song which I have always thought fits Jasbir’s voice really well. It got me thinking about Jasbir and … Continue reading

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Bhangra Empire – Vest Dropping Across North America

What is a vest drop? Well, simply put, its a certain time in our routines when the guys on the team drop their vests. Each guy would have a letter on his back and would be positioned in a way … Continue reading

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