What makes a good team? The Bhangra Empire Tryout Process

So over the past couple of weeks we have been going through our annual tryouts for the team. The new bhangra season begins for us very soon as Boston Bhangra is our next competition, which is in November.

Boston Bhangra has been one of the best competitions we’ve been to which is why we are returning for a 4th straight year. They do an amazing job taking care of the teams and the 3000+ crowd is amazing and sold out every year. Have a look at their site and you’ll see a familiar Empire face in the top left corner (Jackie Thind).

So back to tryouts. We are looking to bring in 6-8 new people to join Bhangra Empire. Last year, we added 8 new people so, as you can see, we have a pretty high turnover rate. This comes with the territory when you have an age group that ranges from 18 to 30. Continue reading

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Imitation is the biggest form of flattery?

I came across a video on youtube earlier of a group of dancers from India doing a dance for their school. They used parts of our Jashan 2011 performance and mix from this past May in Calgary. We don’t release our performance mixes right away so they must have ripped it from the GTV video on youtube.  Anyways, it got me thinking about all the videos I’ve seen over the past few years of groups in India, the UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world doing our routines, whether it be DDA 2008Bruin Bhangra 2009, Elite 8 2010, and now Jashan 2011. Continue reading

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The Beginning of a New Era

Hello World! Not too creative with my first 2 words huh? I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have even bothered deleting the first test post that WordPress sets up for you. Oh well. So to start with, lets deal with the basic questions. Who am I? Whats the point of this blog? How long will it last? Why should you read it?

To cover the boring stuff first, my name is Omer Mirza. I’m born and raised in the Bay Area, California. Both my parents are from Pakistan and I have 2 younger brothers who will remain nameless for now in case I want to refer to them in a negative way. Continue reading

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